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VSSImporter: Visual Source Safe to SharePoint Transformation By Keeping VSS Version History

Developed By: Md. Fazlul Alam Chowdhury,

VSSImporter is a windows based application to bring the Source Safe Documents into the SharePoint List. This application also keeps track of VSS versions and uploads them as a SharePoint version file. But, we have to turn the SharePoint versioning ON to bring the VSS versions into SharePoint.

We should be able to run this application in 32 bit platform. Because, VSS is a 32 bit application where as SharePoint supports 32 bit as well as 64 bit. So, we cannot reference VSS and SharePoint DLLs with different platform settings i.e. 64 bit. Otherwise, you might get the following errors:

1. If 64 Bit Platform Settings is Used in Visual Studio we will get the following error from Interop.SourceSafeTypeLib.DLL or ssapi.dll

Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {783CD 4E4-9D54-11CF-B8EE-00608CC9A71F} failed due to the following error: 80040154.

2. If 32 Bit Platform Settings is Used in Visual Studio to reference 64 Bit SharePoint we may get the following error from Microsoft.SharePoint.dll

Web Application could not be found from http://SharePoint Site

So, we have to run it in a 32 Bit platform and to upload to 32 Bit SharePoint Server. If required, we may do a Site Copy/List Copy from a 32 Bit SharePoint to 64 Bit SharePoint.

Now, let’s start the process:

1. Locate the Visual Source Safe Project Path i.e. $/VSSToSharePoint


Figure 1: Visual Source Safe Project

2. Create the SharePoint List with Necessary Field List


Figure 2: SharePoint List Details

3. Start the Application

- Fill In VSS Database Path
- Fill In the Temporary Import Folder to Download VSS files before sending it to SharePoint
- Fill In VSS Project Path
- Fill In SharePoint Site
- Fill In SharePoint List Name


Figure 3: VSSImporter Application

4. Click on GetVSSItems to download VSS files to a Local Folder before uploading them to SharePoint. The files should have version numbers at the beginning of the file names.


Figure 4: Downloaded Files with VSS Version Info

5. Then click on Import VSS Items to import the files to SharePoint


Figure 5: VSS Files has been Imported to SharePoint List

6. We can view SharePoint/VSS Versions in the Version History of the Files



Figure 6: SharePoint Version History

N.B. This application works with any VSS Project with 2 Levels Deep Node. If you want to go deeper, please expand the VSS Folders and copy the path of which files/folders/subfolders/subfolder-files you want to upload to SharePoint and paste it into the VSSProject Text Box of VSSImporter Application

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